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Emerick Architects is a premium architecture firm located in the heart of downtown Portland. Together with the Watson Creative team, I developed writing content for blogs and social media posts that helped send Emerick's website traffic soaring.

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I would literally live in any home designed by Emerick Architects.

Yes, they're that good. Because they're so good at what they do, the Emerick team was plenty busy. They needed help with content creation and management that would help reach audiences outside of their existing network.

Our team at Watson Creative determined a plan to highlight notable Emerick projects via blog articles and social media posts. At the same time, we worked with the Emerick team to craft articles around design and renovation tips, driving traffic to the blog articles using social media posts and ads.

As lead copywriter on this project with Watson, I was responsible for writing, copy editing, and strategizing blog articles and social media schedules. Our organic and paid social media strategy sparked a surge in Emerick's website traffic, reaching audiences beyond their existing network and laying the foundation for new potential leads.

Emerick Architects: Text


Emerick Architects: Text



A swirl of the glass and a sniff of the nose. A small and savored sip. There’s a science to wine tasting, but you don’t have to be an expert to enjoy it. Melody and Brian Emerick have noticed that there’s a younger, less experienced wine tasting generation seeking out tasting rooms for this very experience, and “experience” is the key word. There’s something truly authentic about the wine that comes from Oregon and the people who produce it. That Pacific Northwest authenticity is not only critical to the taste of the wine, but to the tasting room and experience of those enjoying it.

Hallock McMillan.jpeg


The Hallock & McMillan building in downtown Portland is a vital piece of Oregon’s history. Built in 1857, it’s the oldest standing commercial building in Portland. It’s so old that Oregon wasn’t even Oregon when it was built – its statehood wasn’t established until 1859. Designed by Oregon’s first licensed architect, it was one of the first buildings in Portland to utilize cast iron in its masonry. Today, the average passerby would be clueless to Hallock & McMillan’s exceptional history. The building is now unassuming, its cast iron facade covered to comply with a more modern style. Its original design begs to be unmasked to regain the appreciation it deserves. A project of this kind is no small endeavor. It will take patience, meticulous planning, and expert design. Enter Emerick Architects.


Named after the British royal family’s Princess Alberta in 1891, Portland’s dynamic Alberta Arts district is vibrant and bustling with a variety of locally-owned businesses. Trendy bars, popular Portland eats, and hip boutiques make up the main stretch of Alberta Street. Quintessential historic Portland homes populate its neighboring streets. Building in a dynamic neighborhood isn’t easy – the design should be beautiful, but also fit the aesthetic of the neighborhood. There’s a difference between standing out and standing out like a sore thumb.

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Emerick Architects: Gallery

Watson Creative Team

Creative Director: Greg Needham

Lead Copywriter: Ava Goodling

Digital Strategist: Brenden Bittner

Video: Jeffrey Tan & Myles Lawrence

Agency: Watson Creative

Client: Emerick Architects

Emerick Architects: Text
Emerick Architects: Text
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